Thursday October 17, 2019
SHEFFIELD’S Rider of the Year Zaine Kennedy admits he’d love to a seal a return to the club next season.

The all-action Aussie enjoyed an impressive first campaign in British Speedway and his style won the hearts of the Owlerton regulars.

Kennedy has now flown back home and has had time to reflect on the year as he begins making preparations for 2020

“It’s been a great first season with Sheffield and I’ve learnt so much being in England,” Kennedy said.

“Meeting so many people who want to pass on their advice and what to expect. “Winning the Rider of the Year award in my first season in England was something I never expected if I’m honest.

“Being back with the club in 2020 is the number one choice for me but I realise there will be so much for the promotion to consider over the winter regards team building.

“I hope the phone ‘call comes and we can spend a second season there.

“I’m back doing the day job in Australia so to speak.

“I’m an electrician by trade and the work is busy right now which is good.

“Being around the family is nice as is getting some sunshine on my back but I’m eager to get back on a bike again.”

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