Sunday September 02, 2018
TIGERS skipper Kyle Howarth had to settle for third place in the prestigious Championship Riders’ Individual on home shale.

He missed out to Glasgow’s Grand Prix racer Craig Cook who worked his way past Lakeside’s Richard Lawson and Howarth to strike gold.

Fans were treated to some stunning racing with riders giving their all and there was plenty of passing.

Howarth notched three wins in his 11-point haul to head straight into the final but just fell short.

He briefly had the lead but was picked off by both Lawson and winner Cook.

Tigers colleague Charles Wright was one of the most exciting riders on show with nine-points but he missed out in the semi-final despite a brave bid.

Howarth said: “I thought I was in with a great chance of winning the title but it just wasn’t to be.

“I worked hard but didn’t quite have enough in the end and it’s disappointing but to get third place overall isn’t too bad.

“Congratulations to Craig, he’s done a great job and I’m pleased for him but I’m slightly disappointed for myself.

“Hopefully I can go a little better next year and win the title.”

Sheffield officially end their season at Redcar on Friday in Championship action and club bosses have already confirmed they have riders in mind for next year.

SCORERS: Richard Lawson 11, Kyle Howarth 11, Erik Riss 11, Craig Cook 10, Charles Wright 9, Ty Proctor 9, Tero Aarnio 9, Ben Barker 8, Aaron Summers 8, Steve Worrall 7, Ricky Wells 6, Scott Nicholls 6, Michael Palm Toft 5, Josh Auty 5, Kevin Doolan 3, Nico Covatti 1, Kyle Bickley (res) 1.
SEMI-FINAL: Cook, Riss, Wright, Proctor.
FINAL: Cook, Lawson, Howarth, Riss.


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