Sunday March 30, 2014
SHEFFIELD are off to a flyer in the 2014 season – thanks to a terrific 48-42 win at Scunthorpe in their League Cup opener.

The Window Centre Tigers, who host the re-arranged Air Fence Fund Bonanza at Owlerton on Monday (7.45pm), dispelled any fears of going into action cold as they shocked their Lincolnshire rivals.

Led by skipper Simon Stead, who dropped just one point in five rides, Tigers gradually clawed their way back from a six-point deficit and were worthy winners in the end.

Andre Compton added three race wins from reserve and the displays of Adam Roynon and Leigh Lanham offered plenty of hope for Tigers’ top-end prospects this season.

Scunthorpe led 27-21 after eight races but a strong first bend from Compton over Thomas Jorgensen enabled Roynon to join him for a 5-1 – and after a trading of 4-2s, Tigers suddenly took a grip of the meeting.

Compton and Lanham saw off Jorgensen in Heat 12, a result which put the visitors ahead, and then the Scorpions’ Josh Auty crashed out of the next race to put more pressure on the home side.

Tigers had held a 5-1 at that stage anyway, and they ensured Mellgren didn’t take his second chance in the re-run as Stead and Roynon collected maximum points after a fierce battle for second place.

The win was safe thanks to a 3-3 in an entertaining Heat 14 as Josh Bates and Taylor Poole finally packed in behind Ashley Birks, before the Scorpions gained the mild consolation of denying Tigers all four League Cup points by keeping Compton at the back of Heat 15.

But that race was all about the imperious Stead, who flew around Birks and Mellgren for a brilliant victory.

Delighted boss Joe Screen said: “The lads were magnificent and all the team spirit built up over the last few weeks really paid off.

“It’s a great start – and the best bit is I don’t have any dirty bikes to wash in the morning now I’m on this side of the fence!”

SCUNTHORPE 42: Anders Mellgren 10+1, Ashley Birks 10+1, Josh Auty 7, Thomas Jorgensen 5+1, James Sarjeant 5+1, David Howe 5, Matt Williamson 0.

SHEFFIELD 48: Simon Stead 14, Andre Compton 10+1, Adam Roynon 8+2, Leigh Lanham 7+1, Josh Bates 5, Taylor Poole 2+2, Simon Nielsen 2.


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