Saturday March 10, 2007
BELLE Vue have been forced to drop Salford rider Ricky Ashworth from their plans for the second time in three years because of rules.

The unlucky Ashworth, star man with Premier League Sheffield, had been nominated at No 8 by the Aces which meant he would have been used as cover for any injuries.

But the 24-year-old has been deemed ineligible because he has raced already in the Elite League for Poole and Peterborough.

He only went to Poole in 2005 after a dispute over averages meant the Aces could not fit him into their line-up as planned and now the rulebook has scuppered him again.

The Aces have nominated Sheffield's Australian rider Joel Parsons as their No 8 and added 20-year-old Yorkshire lad Ben Wilson, 20, to their squad as a double-up rider.
Wilson, also on Sheffield's books, will come in when James Wright is required by his parent Premier League club, Workington.

Belle Vue's managing director David Gordon said: “When we submitted our team to the Promoters' Association we needed a ruling over whether he would be eligible to ride at No 8 and, unfortunately, it went against us because of the number of Elite League rides Ricky had accrued for Poole and Peterborough.

“It's hugely disappointing for us as we see him as a possible part of the future of Belle Vue. It's also very disappointing for him because it was his dream to be involved with us this year but that dream has been somewhat shattered.

“The rule is there but it has worked against Ricky who wants to become an Elite League rider. We see this as a postponement of what we want to do rather than a cancellation.”

Said Wilson: “I wanted to get a double up position this year so I was very happy to get Belle Vue's phone call. I signed for Wolverhampton on the same basis last year but I didn't get many meetings.”

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