Wednesday May 24, 2023
ARCHIE Whitelam is the new mascot at Sheffield Speedway.

Archie is 10-years-old from Jacksdale, Nottinghamshire.

He started riding Grasstrack at the age of six and he is now the third generation of racer from that discipline in his family. He is currently in his second year in the Junior Class.

In terms of Speedway, Archie started out at the Wayne Carter mini-track days at Scunthorpe in 2022 and is now competing in the British Young Lions' Youth Championship Series this year for the very first time.

As it stands, he has only ridden on a 'regular' UK track on five occasions, but he is already encouraging signs.

Everybody at Sheffield Speedway is thrilled to have Archie on board as our brand new mascot for the remainder of 2023.

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