Wednesday November 11, 2020
POPULAR Sheffield asset Zaine Kennedy is keen to get back to the UK for next season.

Aussie ace Kennedy missed out on a team place for the 2020 season when Tigers gained promotion to the Premiership.

Now he’s keen to get back and club bosses would like to see him fixed up with a team to expand his experience of UK tracks.

He said: “I’ve spoken to a couple of people but I’m open to offers and will listen to everything that’s on offer.

“I feel as though I had a solid season with Sheffield last season in my first season in Europe.

“It’s frustrating that my average went against me. I kind of got punished for doing so well I guess.

“I’m over it now though and with no season in England this year due to the pandemic I haven’t really missed out on anything.

“I’m as hungry as ever to succeed over there but want to concentrate on this weekend first.”

Kennedy is racing in the Queensland 500c solo event this Saturday alongside current Tigers rider Josh Grajczonek.

Also included are Leicester duo Nick Morris and Ryan Douglas and Poole rider Zane Keleher.

Tigers bosses are continuing to plan towards next season with a proposed April start with hopes remaining that fans return to sporting venues on or around that time.

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