Thursday September 03, 2020
SIMON Stead has revealed how he ‘loves’ his role as boss of Sheffield.

And he is also determined to build up to next year with all the buzz and excitement which went before this season was due to start.

With the league season wiped out due to the pandemic Stead insists there is plenty to be excited about next year.

He said: “I love being the Sheffield team manager, it’s my hometown club and I really love it.

“The involvement of working closely with riders is the closest I’m going to get to riding these days and it’s a role I really love so I’m missing it a lot.”

Stead is also hoping the buzz and excitement about the new-look team will be in place for next spring when the sport looks to bounce back from a cancelled 2020 league season.

He said: “All the build-up was brilliant and we need to do it all again ahead of next season.

“The fact that the club owners took the plunge and promoted us up to the Premiership got the city buzzing about speedway again and I can’t wait to get back at it next spring.

“We are grateful to our stadium landlords, they were right behind us in our move to go up to the top level and the media coverage was brilliant for the club and the sport in general.

“I don’t want that buzz to die down and we have to push again for next year.

“I see no reason why we can’t just press the reset button with the same team, we had a bonding session in March and all the lads were buzzing.

“I believe the team would prove to be very strong at home and to have a world class rider like Nicki Pedersen to spearhead the side is wonderful for us. There is still so much to look forward to for Sheffield fans, sponsors and staff.”

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