Thursday August 20, 2020
KYLE Howarth has started specialist rehab on his recovering shoulder.

Sheffield favourite Howarth decided to go under the knife to correct the problem with dislocations occurring too often.

And he’s keeping a close eye on talk of the possibility of a British Final being staged in September as he would be keen to do some meetings before the winter.

“It’s good to start the rehab because it really feels like we’re making good progress,” he said.

“I’ve started working with Steve Williams down in the West Midlands who is a specialist in sports injury treatment and has helped loads of riders down the years.

“In addition one of the GB Speedway team fitness specialists Chris Neville has made himself available to help me which I’m eternally grateful for.

“Hopefully this will speed up the process of recovery and get it back fit and strong, as good as new.”

Speculation has been gathering pace about the sport’s bosses looking to put a British Final on before October.

“I haven’t heard anything official but if it does happen I would love to be considered if I’ve recovered in time,” he said.

“I would love to do some meetings before the winter, to be honest. I can’t remember the last time I had been off the bike this long so I’m keen to get back on it doing some laps.”

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