Saturday September 14, 2019
SHEFFIELD boss Simon Stead admitted “inconsistency” was once again the enemy in their defeat at Glasgow.

The Sheffield Window Centre Tigers went down 51-39 at Ashfield Stadium despite being level at the halfway stage.

Justin Sedgmen and reserves Zaine Kennedy and Broc Nicol were excellent but Glasgow managed to pull away in the latter stages.

Stead said: “We were right in it but couldn't find an extra gear. That’s been the story of our season really.

“It’s always a hard one to swallow. We were level after Heat 8 and I felt we could definitely get something out of it.

“Somehow we just lost a bit of firepower, Glasgow found an extra bit and they got clear of us. We seem to have felt like that all season.

“The reserves were excellent tonight with Zaine Kennedy and Broc Nicol. Justin Sedgmen also put his hard night at Edinburgh behind him with a great display.

“But instead we lacked in other areas. It just seems we’ve not been able to get everyone firing on the same night, too much inconsistency all season.”

Kennedy was outstanding in the opening few heats while Nicol and Sedgmen were solid. However a rare off night for Danny King and guest Jake Allen also well below par, the home side had the greatest top end strength in the latter stages.

Stead added: “It’s been a really tough year. We had big hopes but it’s just not clicked for us consistently which is frustrating.

“I’d like to pay a special thanks to the fans for sticking with us 100 per cent. It’s not always been pretty for them to watch but they’ve been loyal.

“We will go away, re-group and come back even hungrier for next season. We want to give it a right go in 2020 again.”

Glasgow 51: Craig Cook 14+1, Rasmus Jensen 13, Claus Vissing 11, Connor Bailey 6+1, Sam Jensen 5+2, Kyle Bickley 2.

Sheffield 39: Justin Sedgmen 14, Zaine Kennedy 9+1, Broc Nicol 6+3, Danny King 5, Jake Allen 4, Todd Kurtz 1+1, Josh MacDonald 0.

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