Saturday May 11, 2019
DREW KEMP hopes a bit of Grand Prix magic will rub off on him for the clash with Glasgow.

The Tigers wonderkid was under the tuition of legend Matej Zagar at the National Speedway Stadium earlier in the week.
It’s part of the No Limits training scheme and young Kemp believes he is learning so much as part of the new set-up.
He said: “It’s a brilliant thing for British Speedway. I do pick up so much stuff from Matej and Rory Schlein. Both have been there and done it at the highest level.
“It’s not just about racing lines, it’s the mechanical stuff and preparation, diet and everything. It’s such a great thing to be part of.
“I don’t think it’s things you can immediately change on the track but certainly in my racing preparation overall. It’s great for your confidence too.
“It’s definitely a big boost during the season. You take in so much information from great riders like Matej and Rory and it can only be a good thing.”
Kemp believes that Glasgow will be a tough test at Owlerton tomorrow (Sunday) which is now the first leg of their KO Cup clash.
He added: “It was frustrating to have the first leg rained off at Glasgow on Friday night, but that’s just the way it goes.
“The main thing is that we had a confidence-boosting win over Birmingham last week at home. It wasn’t a particularly great meeting for me, I had a crash and got a knock.
“But the boys seem to be on a high again after losing to Leicester the other week. It will be important to build up a big lead because Glasgow are flying on their home track.
“It should be a brilliant meeting because it’s two very evenly matched teams.”
Sheffield: 1.Danny King, 2.Kasper Andersen, 3.Ty Proctor, 4. Drew Kemp, 5.Kyle Howarth, 6.Broc Nicol, 7.Zaine Kennedy.
Glasgow: 1.Craig Cook, 2.James Sarjeant, 3.Rasmus Jensen, 4.Paul Starke, 5.Claus Vissing, 6. Nathan Stoneman, 7. Kyle Bickley.
*Sheffield’s match at Edinburgh on May 24 has now been postponed, re-arrangement date to be set.

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