Monday May 06, 2019
HUNDREDS gathered to welcome the flag flown on the stricken HMS Sheffield back to the city - and officials from Sheffield Speedway were there to join in the emotional occasion.

While the Tigers were beating Birmingham, veterans gathered to remember the day 36 years ago when the destroyer was tragically sunk during the Falklands War. The ship's Union Flag was the only item salvaged because the ship went down so quickly, with 20 crew being lost, and it ended up in a museum in Delaware before members of the HMS Sheffield Association began a fund-raising drive to bring it back to the city.

It was brought home yesterday and now takes its place in Sheffield Cathedral's St. George's Chapel alongside the battle ensign and Union Flag which flew from the ship's predecessor, which played a crucial role in World War Two.

And because of the Tigers' developing links with the Association, club pro-promoter Julie Reading and management team member Paul Rickett were invited to the celebration dinner.

Said Julie: "It was an emotional night and we were delighted to have been there.

"Our thanks go to our good friend John Campbell for the invite and we were honoured and humbled to meet veterans from HMS Sheffield.

"It is a link we are hoping to develop and we met so many people who were interested in speedway and want to come along, even though a lot of them are scattered across the country. Hopefully the Association members will be our special guests at a Forces Day at Owlerton later this season."

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