Wednesday February 07, 2018
CHAMPIONS Sheffield are looking forward to a bright future after agreeing a new lease to remain at Owlerton Stadium.

Tigers bosses have labelled the venue one of the best in the sport and major events are returning this year - including the showpiece Championship Individual in September.

Co-promoter Damien Bates says big events are well deserved for the stadium and the club.

“I think most people within the sport recognise what a super venue we have at Owlerton,” he said.

“And there are plans in place to constantly improve facilities, this became apparent during our recent talks with our friends at A&S Leisure.

“We are extremely fortunate to enjoy a superb relationship with our landlords and we will continue to work together to make maximum use of the facilities and to provide a great night of entertainment.

“Visiting fans always enjoy their visit to Sheffield and we are delighted to have both the Championship Individual meeting and a British Semi-Final here.

“We are all looking forward to the new season with great excitement and the future of the club is looking extremely bright working in tandem with our excellent landlords.”

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