Monday November 20, 2017
SHEFFIELD chief Damien Bates has joined British Speedway’s management committee.

Bates, 35, becomes one of the youngest members of the sport’s top table in recent history and he is now hoping to have a major input in the sport.

The appointment was made over the weekend at the British Speedway Promoters’ Association AGM where it was also confirmed Thursday night racing was still available to the club after the Premiership names Mondays and Wednesdays as their new designated and protected race nights.

Said Bates: “I’m honoured to be elected onto management committee but I should also say it’s an honour for Sheffield.

“Hopefully I can have some major input into the sport and do something positive. I’m passionate about everything I do, anybody who knows me will tell you that.

“It’s also nice for Sheffield to be able to race on Thursdays again next season. If we had to change then we would have adapted, of course we would, but we don’t have to worry.

“And it’s good knowing that whenever we host a meeting there will be no riders missing because of Premiership fixtures.”

Promoters made key decisions at the British Speedway AGM at the weekend including the following points:

PREMIERSHIP and Championship leagues team points average increased to 42.5 with the Premiership permitted one rider of an average of 8.00 or more. Championship has no restrictions.

CHAMPIONSHIP season starts with three league cup sections - 1) LAKESIDE, Peterborough, Ipswich 2) Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Redcar, Newcastle 3) Glasgow, Edinburgh, Berwick, Workington.

Championship KOC 1st round: Scunthorpe v Sheffield or Redcar, Ipswich v Lakeside or Peterborough, Berwick v Edinburgh or Glasgow, Newcastle v Workington.

TACTICAL SUBS: Black and White double points replaced with tactical substitution permitted in heats 5 to 14 (excluding heat 8) when a team is 6 points or more behind. For clarity there are NO double points.

THERE will be no promotion or relegations between the two leagues but the top four from each league will compete in their own league Play-offs.

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