Monday October 09, 2017
SHEFFIELD's promotion dream is all but over after they were crushed 58-32 at home by Premiership side Leicester on Monday.

It brought an end to their proud unbeaten run at Owlerton in 2017 and leaves the Sheffield Window Centre Tigers with an almost impossible task in the second leg of their race off at Beaumont Park, which will now take place next Monday (October 16).

The Tigers were taught a big lesson in gating by their higher league opponents and were able to register just four race wins all night - three of which came from Danish star Lasse Bjerre.

Team manager Simon Stead offered little excuses for his side who desperately missed injured spearhead duo Josh Grajczonek and captain Kyle Howarth.

Said Stead: "We only got ten points from their rides and they normally guarantee us more around the 20 mark at least to be honest.

"We always knew this was going to be a big ask but it's the manner of the defeat that disappoints me more than anything.

"We didn't ride anywhere near like we are capable of at Sheffield and that was the most frustrating part for me.

"Take absolutely nothing away from Leicester though; they fired in almost every department and were easily the better team.

"But we've still got fixtures to come and it's important we pick ourselves up pretty quickly."

With Wednesday's scheduled second leg at Leicester now pushed back until next Monday, the Tigers next action comes this Thursday at Owlerton where they host Ipswich in the first leg of their Knockout Cup Semi-Final clash.

SHEFFIELD 32: Lasse Bjerre 12, Todd Kurtz 6+1, Scott Nicholls 5, Jan Graversen 5, Josh Bates 4, Georgie Wood 0, Kyle Howarth R/R.

LEICESTER 58: Danny King 13+2, Kyle Newman 13+2, Kim Nilsson 13+1, Cameron Heeps 11+1, Erik Riss 5+1, Lewis Kerr 3, Pawel Przedpelski R/R.

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