Thursday October 18, 2007
SHEFFIELD Tigers were held to a 51-42 first leg advantage against Rye House at Owlerton in the first leg of the Premier League Grand Final.

Ricky Ashworth (12+3) and Ben Wilson (11+1) were unbeaten by an opposing rider and skipper Andre Compton was on form with a 14-point haul.

But it's Rye House who will start the second and deciding leg in Hertfordshire as clear favourites on Saturday after performing a clever containing job.

Swede Stefan Ekberg took full advantage of his tactical ride for Rye House at a vital stage of the meeting, heat 11. It was a spectacular battle and Joel Parsons did well to hold out Neath - but Rye House gained a 7-2 in what was a pivotal moment in the context of the tie.

And it got even better for the Rocket men. They picked up two vital 4-2 wins in the closing stages, including the massively impressive Adam Roynon in the penultimate race with Allen.
Sheffield needed a maximum in the nominated race to give them any hope at all of making a match of it 48-hours later - Compton and Ashworth duly obliged.

TIGERS: Andre Compton 14, Ricky Ashworth 12+3, Ben Wilson 11+1, Joel Parsons 6, Jordan Frampton 5, Paul Cooper 2, James Cockle 1+1.
RYE HOUSE: Adam Roynon 11+1, Stefan Ekberg 11, Tai Woffinden 10, Chris Neath 4+1, Steve Boxall 4, Tommy Allen 1, Luke Bowen 1.

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