Thursday October 23, 2014
Alex Wilson was named the Sheffield Tiger Cubs ‘Rider of the Year’ for 2014 at the clubs end-of-season Awards and Party Night last Thursday.

Alex (pictured) won the award for showing consistent progress throughout his first season of competitive racing and displaying the skills, commitment and determination needed for a very successful career in the sport.

Even a mid-season wrist injury didn’t dampen his enthusiasm and after a couple of weeks’ recuperation he bounced back to continue where he had left off. His achievements in the MDL earned him a number of guest bookings and next season will surely see him knocking at the door of a National League team place.

The event was held in the Panorama Room at the stadium, and eight of the Tiger Cubs in attendance, including all five 250 Cubs, were invited on stage and presented to the large audience of fans. It was exciting to see such a wealth of young talent together at one club with the oldest being Alex at 16 yrs, and there is every indication that these riders could be wearing full Tigers race jackets in years to come.

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