Thursday July 17, 2014
Tigers continued their upturn in form as they beat Newcastle by 10 points on another glorious evening full of action packed racing.

Taylor Poole top scored for the Tigers with 12 +1 on a night when a strong all round team performance saw them compensate for Simon Stead having mechanical problems to ensure they had the better of the Diamonds. New man Ben Wilson was paid for 8 points on a very satisfying night for him.

Tigers started in the best possible way with Wilson and Stead combining for a 5-1. The Diamonds were level two heats later with Mills holding off Taylor Poole in Heat 2 and Lewis Kerr being gifted a win in heat 3 when Andre Compton, impervious to Kerr's challenge for almost all the race, slowed as a result of a puncture on the last bend.

Proctor and Poole combined for a 5-1 in heat 4 and the Tigers were 4 in front. Heat 5 saw Leigh Lanham win a battle with Newcastle's World Cup star Danny King, after Andre Compton blew a motor at the start.

Said Compton "That engine had only done 5 races since it was serviced. I'm not bothered about engines though, the main thing is I'm riding better. Sometimes you have to go backwards before you can go forwards and I'm pleased with the way its going now."

Stead and Wilson gained a 4-2 in heat 6 and Tigers extended their lead in heat 8 when Poole and Wilson combined for a 5-1. A fantastic ride in heat 9 saw Lanham round Lindgren, who was on a Tactical ride, to join Compton at the front. The wily Tigers team rode superbly to stop Lindgren taking the place back and Tigers were cruising.

They were brought back to Earth with a bang when Stead stopped in Heat 10 leaving The Diamonds to claim their only maximum heat win of the night. A level heat followed in heat 11 with Proctor passing King to win.

Heat 12 featured a superb race between Lanham and Robson. They passed and re passed with the advantage finally going to Robson. With Poole in third it was another drawn heat.

Going into Heat 13, Tigers were 10 up. With Stead and Proctor in the race it looked as though it would all be sewn up. Unfortunately Stead had another mechanical problem and the Diamonds carded a 4-2 to give them a sniff of a point. Compton and Poole put paid to that in heat 14 with another 5-1.

Heat 15 featured another great race with Proctor battling with Danny King. The Tigers man was riding a very wide line in spectacular fashion, and that was ultimately his undoing. His bike caught the air fence on the first turn of lap 3 and spat him off in a heap. The race was awarded and after treatment Proctor walked back to the pits, battered and bruised but with 3 points in the bag.

SHEFFIELD 50: Taylor Poole 12+1, Ty Proctor 10+1, Leigh Lanham 9+1, Andre Compton 7+1, Ben Wilson 6+2, Simon Stead 6, Lee Payne 0.

NEWCASTLE 40: Daniel King 11, Lewis Kerr 9, Stuart Robson 8+2, Chris Mills 5, Ludvig Lindgren 4, Lewis Rose 2+2, Nicki Barrett 1
Premier League points: Sheffield 3 Newcastle 0.

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