Friday July 04, 2014
In a one-sided affair Rye House ran out comfortable winners over the Cubs with all the Raiders scoring freely.

Paid maximums for Layne Cupitt and Andy Blackburn and might have been a full set for Danny Eyres had he not suffered machine problems in Heat 1, while Rob Watts dropped his only point to Sam Darroch in the same heat.

For the Cubs Sam Darroch raced to his first MDL win in that opening heat, made more special in that it was Sam's first visit to Sheffield. Sean Phillips made his come-back from injury and considering he was effectively only just starting his season he improved greatly with each race, relaxing and gaining confidence as the night went on, there will be more to come from Sean in future matches. Bradley Seal was unlucky when his rear wheel washed out in his opening ride and he was then ruled out of the rest of the meeting by the medics, while Dan Miles struggled all night to find the right set up. Nevertheless, good experience for everyone involved.

Sam Darroch 3,FRem,1,0 = 4
Dan Miles 1,1,0 = 2
Sean Phillips 1,1,1 = 3
Bradley Seal F, NS, - = 0

Rye House Raiders 27
Danny Eyres R,3,3 = 6
Rob Watts 2,2+1,2+1 = 6+2
Layne Cupitt 3,3,2+1 = 8+1
Andy Blackburn 2+1,2+1,3, = 7+2

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