Friday August 30, 2013
A BRILLIANT display from Ricky Wells couldn’t lead the Sheffield Window Centre Tigers to a league point at Plymouth on Friday.

Wells has been one of the Premier League’s outstanding performers in recent months and his form continued with a huge score at one of his old tracks, but the Tigers fell just short of leaving with a league point.

Although the Devils always looked to be in control of the meeting, the pairing of Wells and guest Richard Lawson meant that the score was respectable, with the Tigers on the edge of getting within the six points needed to notch a point.

Wells dropped just two points on his way to 19, including a six-point tactical ride in heat nine, while Lawson was equally as good on his way to 15 paid 16.

After finally getting a stable team on track with the signing of Danny Maassen and Simon Lambert the Tigers were immediately weakened when Maassen failed to get his bikes working in time for his first two races.

It was a spirited performance though, and team boss David Hoggart says it bodes well for the future; “It was a good performance, I won’t say the score flattered us but the racing was very close and Plymouth actually congratulated us on our display.

“Ricky Wells was marvellous, Andre Compton did well considering it was the first time he’s ever seen the place, Facu struggled and once Danny got his bikes going he was well on the pace.

“Going forward it shows there is some potential in the team and hopefully we can get something from Glasgow on Sunday.”

Plymouth 51: (Jake Anderson 13, Mark Lemon 9+2, Todd Kurtz 8+3, Richie Worrall 8+2, Rasmus Jensen 8, Michael Palm Toft 5+3, Hynek Stichauer R/R)

Sheffield 42: (Ricky Wells 19, Richard Lawson 15+1, Andre Compton 4+1, Simon Lambert 2+1, Danny Maassen 2, Facundo Albin 0, Adam Roynon R/R)

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