Wednesday August 14, 2013
THE CAPTAIN’S CURSE struck again for Sheffield with the news that Adam Roynon has broken his collarbone in Wednesday’s defeat at Somerset.

The meeting went ahead in horrendous conditions after persistent rain all day, and a heavy defeat was compounded with Roynon’s heat 15 crash.

He tangled with Stefan Nielsen and Thomas Jorgensen and doctors confirmed a broken collarbone, and he is now at Weston-Super Mare Hospital awaiting treatment.

It was touch and go whether the meeting went ahead but with Somerset lacking alternative dates, the Tigers promotion agreed to race once the track was rideable.

Team boss David Hoggart explained: “The track was under water when we arrived but it had some work done and we agreed to race to help Somerset really, we’ve already been there twice and they were struggling big time for dates.

“The conditions were of course the same for both teams but they dealt with them better than we did, their familiarity with the track helped them and they destroyed us.

“It was a terrible night in awful conditions and it was topped off with another injury. Hopefully we get Adam back as soon as possible.”

Roynon’s place for Thursday’s home clash with Edinburgh will be taken by Australian star Dakota North, while Josh Auty and Oliver Greenwood guest for SImon Stead and Damien Koppe respectively.

Somerset 68: (Morris 13+2, Nielsen 12+3, Gracjczonek 12, Doyle 10+1, Davies 9+2, Lambert 8+2, Newman 4+2.)
Sheffield 23: (Wells 11, Roynon 4, Jorgensen 3, Albin 3, Johnson 1+1, Compton 1, Rider Replacement for Haines.)

Teams for Thursday;
Sheffield: Josh Auty, (G) Rider Replacement for Joe Haines, Ricky Wells, Andre Compton, Dakota North (G), Oliver Greenwood (G), Facundo Albin.
Edinburgh: Craig Cook, Max Fricke, Theo Pijper, Joszef Tabaka, Claus Vissing, Mitchell Davey, Derek Sneddon.

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