Friday June 21, 2013
DAVID HOGGART has apologised to Sheffield fans for the team's dreadful performance at Scunthorpe on Friday evening.

The Tigers were given their biggest defeat of the season by the Premier League champions as the home side adapted far better to some tricky track conditions.

Scorpions Promoter Rob Godfrey reported that the Eddie Wright Raceway had taken over 22mm of rain on Thursday and that made the early stages of the meeting particularly difficult, but conditions were the same for both teams.

Sheffield just never recovered from conceding four consecutive 5-1's in the first four heats as the league title holders showed exactly why they won their crown last year and only Simon Stead and Ricky Wells emerged with any credit for the the Owlerton men as they racked up 21 points between them, and provided all four of Sheffield's victories on the night.

The remaining five Tigers scored just 10 between them on a sorry night, and Window Centre Tigers team manager David Hoggart stressed his disappointment at the result and thanked the travelling fans; "That was one of the worst performances by any Sheffield in a long, long time.

"We were very poor and it just accentuated the need for team changes really, some of our riders didn't want to be here and that was evident in their attitude. All I can say is thank you to the Sheffield fans who made the journey and we're very sorry that you had to watch such a poor performance."

Scunthorpe: Birks 13+2, Auty 11+1, Jorgensen 10+2, Douglas 9+3, Palm Toft 9, Blackbird 8+3, Howe 3.

Sheffield: Stead 14, Wells 7, Hall 4, Knight 3, Haines 2, Albin 1, Koppe 0.

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